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Grassroots History

On March 23, 2015

This is an incredible story of inmates at an Indiana prison doing grassroots research on the history of their own prison with assistance from a historian-volunteer. Not surprising, the findings sugges

The Liquor Monopoly

On July 4, 2013

Although I was under the impression that Pennsylvania had the stupidest liquor laws in the country, it turns out that Indiana is pretty competitive as well (although at least you can buy a freaking 6-

Indiana, the state of Vice-Presidents. I thought about ranking these guys. But why would you bother. 10 fairly important people who range from 2 meh presidents to 4 VPs to some important but not vital senators. Plus Indiana also spawned Garfield creator Jim Davis so how can I give it any credit? So here they […]

The LBJ Fallacy

On May 9, 2012

Those who claim that we need a man like Lyndon Johnson today; that a new LBJ could handle the Senate through his own personality and politicking forget that the Republican Party is increasingly made u

In case you were questioning how central Republicans’ anti-labor zealotry is to their program, they are choosing Indiana’s Mitch Daniels to deliver the state of the union response. Daniels is currently shepherding a right to work a person to death law through the legislature. Despite his odd choice not to run for president in 2012, […]
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