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This is the grave of Edsel Ford. Born in 1893 in Detroit, Edsel Ford’s father was one of the worst human beings this nation has ever produced. Henry was also one of the most important. Edsel could never escape the shadow of his father’s brutality and general awfulness. Of course he followed his father into […]
On May 23, 1950, the United Auto Workers and General Motors came to an agreement that became known as the Treaty of Detroit. This landmark agreement created labor peace in the auto industry but at the cost of the end of the the UAW’s attempt to gain greater control over production decisions and challenging the […]
The United Auto Workers has tried to organize southern auto plants for more than 20 years. It has failed in every major campaign, sometimes even when the auto company is encouraging its workers to vote for the union. It’s not that unionizing workers is impossible in the South–there are southern union locals after all–but it […]

Happy Triangle Day!

On March 25, 2017

Triangle Fire Day is such a happy time. Good thing we have learned so much and we treat our workers with respect, allow them to work in safe workplaces, give them a voice on the job, and generally all

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