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Genocide: The COVID-Frontier

In General
On June 13, 2020
This is absolutely horrifying and also fits into 500 years of genocide against Native communities in the Americas. A prominent women鈥檚 hospital here has separated some Native American women from their newly born babies, the result of a practice designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 that clinicians and health care ethicists described as racial […]

A Plague of Locusts

On June 5, 2014

In a plot line rejected in favor of the airplane in Season 2 of Breaking Bad because the metaphor was too heavy-handed, here is the most Albuquerque story of all time: According to The National Weathe

Albuquerque’s police is so notorious for shooting people that the Department of Justice recently ripped the department for its tactics. Not that this stopped the APD. A woman named Mary Hawkes was just killed by an Albuquerque police officer. Who was this officer? Why, an officer specifically called out by the DOJ report for killing […]
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