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Any similarities between the Trump administration and that of Andrew Johnson are surely coincidental. A White House press briefing focused on President Donald Trump’s proposed changes to the green card application process spiraled out of control Wednesday, with White House adviser Stephen Miller accusing CNN’s Jim Acosta of bad faith and ignorance after Acosta said […]
On September 23, 1969, President Richard Nixon issued the Philadelphia Plan, forcing building trades unions to allow black members into their ranks. Nixon did this believing that it would show him as a strong civil rights president without having to do very much to give in to the more radical demands of the civil rights […]
The discussion of John Kasich’s lily-white cabinet has brought out two different perspectives about how to think about political appointments.   The conservative position that this doesn’t matter is based on the idea that there must be one “most qualified” person for every spot, and that we should assume that Kasich just chose that individual, who […]
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