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A friend of mine put this on Facebook the other day and I could not help but sharing it with you. This is….amazing. The 1970s was a confusing decade made up of people making very questionable decisions. This is the entire decade condensed to three very questionable minutes.


On March 1, 2017

This has not been the least depressing day in the history of the United States. So to lighten things up a bit, what the hell was with waterbeds in the 1970s? My grandparents had one we used to sleep o

Let's do this, Friday pic.twitter.com/ewdQJkusnj — 70s Dinner Party (@70s_party) December 2, 2016 In more amusing news than most of what we are seeing in the world these days, I’m glad the person in charge of the great 70s Dinner Party Twitter feed has published a book based upon it.
There’s a new Twitter feed dedicated to the food of the 1970s. You should follow it. Some examples: Checkmate, bitch pic.twitter.com/HpQc7Q0RuZ — 70s Dinner Party (@70s_party) December 12, 2015 I thought the time-honoured trio was egg, chips and ketchup pic.twitter.com/FT9NApYxKv — 70s Dinner Party (@70s_party) December 12, 2015 Not three words I usually like to […]


On October 9, 2015

This reprint of a 1977 profile of Reggie Jackson is amazing. It goes up there with the Ken Stabler profile. In fact, there should be more reprints of old sports journalism. Great stuff.

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