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The 1970s: America’s Finest Culinary Decade


There’s a new Twitter feed dedicated to the food of the 1970s. You should follow it. Some examples:

I was born in 1974 so I missed most of this hell. But I think those of my parents’ generation, which includes a lot of you readers, have never publicly explained what you people were thinking. Why add canned pineapple and/or hot dogs to everything? What’s with molding fish into various shapes? And I love mayo, but really, making it the central ingredient to half the dishes made is a problem.

What happened to this nation in the 70s? Can we blame Nixon for this? Too many drugs floating around? Cooking while on acid flashbacks? Help me out here.

…Speaking of food of this era, I was just reading the classic Gay Talese profile of Frank Sinatra. I knew I liked Sinatra for more than just his singing:

For example, when one of his men brought him a frankfurter with catsup on it, which Sinatra apparently abhors, he angrily threw the bottle at the man, splattering catsup all over him.

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