Another interesting post by Cass Sunstein, guest-blogging at Volokh. I think his insight is correct and very useful. It becomes particularly clear if you look at a constitutional system like Britain, where there are unwritten norms with clear constitutional force, such as the non-confidence vote. The Basic Laws of Israel are another good example of what […]
Reluctant as I am to disagree with both Atrios and my co-bloggers, I think Yglesias is pretty clearly right here: …as I’ve been discovering, Washington insiders not on the AFL-CIO payroll don’t like Gephardt either. He’s the congressional leader who congressmen don’t like; the labor ally who union members don’t like; the insider who insiders don’t […]

Cope India

In Robert Farley
On June 23, 2004
Interesting report flew by on the New York Times: The success of the Indian air force against American fighter planes in a recent exercise suggests other countries may soon be able to threaten U.S. military dominance of the skies, a top Air Force general said Wednesday. “We may not be as far ahead of the rest […]
From John Judis, currently operating out of Talking Points Memo: Bremer’s economic program wasn’t confined to selling off state enterprises. Bremer saw privatization as part of the broader conservative economic agenda that Reagan had endorsed in the 1980s. It would include supply-side tax cuts and elimination of import duties. And he proceeded to get his way. […]
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