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Re-reading Michael Walzer has got me to thinking about Cylons and justice in war. Simply put, what methods of combatting the Cylons are impermissible under a common understanding of justice in war? I should add that, while this formulation applies specifically to organized conflict against the Cylon, a serious discussion of the applicability of the […]
In the last episode of BSG, we learned that, some three years ago, a Colonial recon ship crossed into Cylon territory where it was discovered, destroyed, and its pilot captured. The Blame the Colonies First Crowd has apparently decided that this means that the Colonial Fleet precipitated the genocidal Cylon attack that nearly destroyed humanity. […]

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On July 13, 2006
Variety reports… The Sopranos will not return until March. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the first of several delays. Rome will return in January, but will only have one more season. Maybe they’ll get to Actium? Max Pirkis is going to have to do some aging, and that’s a lot of civil war […]
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