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I shouldn’t be surprised. Some milblogger compiles a list of quotations from “largely clueless” folks “living in ivory towers” who mocked the wingnut flash mob that appeared around the Beauchamp articles in TNR. He also suggests that everyone on the list “probably regrets” what they wrote, but that “Google’s cache” will — ha! — prevent […]
I really don’t know what to think at this point. Jim is certainly right so note that “you can bet that the people who insisted that TNR provide receipts for every one of Beauchamp’s claims won’t be demanding that the military recount the exact circumstances leading to his recantation,” and even if the recantation is […]
Megan: More generally, I think a moderate tone is a good idea in these things. Otherwise, you run a high risk of looking like a jerk when you have to admit you’re wrong; or a real jerk when you pretend the whole thing never happened. Posts on what embarassing morons your opponents will be bitterly […]
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