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More on the appalling O’Reilly/Russert interview from the typically brilliant Bob Somerby. I think the important point the Howler emphasizes is Russert’s culpability. To criticize O’Reilly for being a lying bully is, in a way, like criticizing the sky for being blue, although it bears more repeating. It’s what he is. It was Russert who prevented […]
This NYT profile of conservative vanity candidate Ralph Nader has some useful information. First, I think we can put to rest the rationalization that, against all evidence, Nader would refrain from attacking Kerry and focus on Bush: To Ralph Nader, the Democratic convention in Boston was a hollow charade that made Senator John Kerry, the Democratic […]

He Hate Women

On August 1, 2004

It would be difficult to imagine a movie from a major filmmaker sounding worse that Spike Lee’s latest joint, She Hate Me. The centerpiece of the film apparently involves a fired whistleblower w

Picking Rehnquist

On July 29, 2004

Erik asks in the comments if Rehnquist’s nature was known when Nixon appointed him. As it happens, John Dean wrote a good book on the subject.  Essentially, Rehnquist was a last-minute choice;

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