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Today In Rigorous Winger Policy Analysis


Shorter Verbatim Heather Macondald: “f the mayor had really wanted to do something radical, he would have made marriage and values the focus of his new program鈥攂y requiring every city agency to come up with a plan for promoting marriage, while using his mayoral bully pulpit and the city鈥檚 access to advertising venues to proclaim the responsibility of both parents to create stable homes for their children.”

Omitted: evidence that speeches that almost nobody listens to can increase marriage rates among poor people, or what content “plans to promote marriage” could possibly have. This is just the latest example of the fact that generally as soon as someone uses the word “bully pulpit” you can safely ignore what they have to say because it’s based on fundamental misunderstandings of how political power actually works.


…according to Fox News, single parents are also to blame for the London riots! We need nanny statism that won’t even work now more than ever! See also.

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