Author: Scott Lemieux

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One of the most amusing fictions that conservatives like to tell the public and maybe even themselves (and certainly the IRS) is that the organization in charge of ensuring that every possible federal judge votes the Republican Party line on every salient issue is merely an apolitical debating society. In related news: Leonard Leo registered […]
This is a great piece by Julis Davis Mortsensen and Nicholas Bagley about how utterly absurd it is to claim that the constitution, as originally understood, forbids legislative delegations to the executive: Early Congresses followed suit. Though they often issued instructions in painstaking detail, they also delegated in sweeping terms. These delegations were neither ancillary […]

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On May 26, 2020

Amy Davidson Sorkin has a smart, measured piece working through the huge issue of school openings in fall 2020. Another term (at least) of school closures would have devastating effects on many studen

A district court judge has struck down the poll tax passed by the Florida legislature, on the grounds that the 24th Amendment explicitly forbids poll taxes: A Florida law requiring people with serious criminal convictions to pay court fines and fees before they can register to vote is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled on Sunday, […]
I think a lot of people engaged in debates about standardized testing fail to understand just how stark the racial disparities in SAT scores are: Critics also say the tests are too easily gamed by students who can pay thousands of dollars for private coaching and test prep. Carol Christ, the chancellor of the University of California, […]
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