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Kind of rapey


I realize we’ve been inured to just about everything about Donald Trump by now, but this is an important point:

As always it’s important to distinguish between the question “could a prosecutor get a jury to find that this was sexual assault?” from the question “was this sexual assault?” The answer to the former question is certainly “no,” for both good and bad reasons. The answer to the latter question is “kind of,” especially if you can get your mind right by discarding the sort of bivalent logic that insists in good Aristotelian fashion that everything is either something or not that something.

On a scale of zero to ten, with zero being definitely consensual, and ten being definitely not consensual, this is like a six or a seven. Call me old-fashioned, but I consider kind of rapey to be disqualifying all by itself for a presidential candidate, although I realize of course that it’s practically certain Trump has gotten to ten many many times (a jury has already found as much in one case, and there are no doubt countless more), and also realize this is just one of literally dozens of reasons why Trump is utterly unfit to be president.

I do think there’s a kind of Mr. Burns can’t die because there are too many diseases trying to kill him at the same time thing going on here, where Trump has so many awful things about him that they all crowd each other out in the public and even individual imagination.

Or maybe we’re just an especially horrible country at this point.

This is a pretty good summary of the situation:

There is no bottom to Trump’s barrel, and there is no act too tawdry, criminal or downright disgusting to dissuade Dear Leader’s cultists from worshiping him.

Donald Trump is a quadrice-indicted twice-impeached popular-vote-losing adderall-huffing courtroom-dozing fart-dealing insurrection-leading testimony-ducking judge-threatening lawyer-ignoring witness-tampering day-one-dictatoring disabled-veteran-dishonoring inheritance-squandering rube-fleecing clown-makeup-smearing language-mangling serial-sexual-predating draft-dodging casino-bankrupting butler-bullying daughter-perving hush-money-paying real-estate-scamming bone-spur-faking ketchup-hurling justice-obstructing classified-war-plan-thieving golf-cheating weather-map-defacing horse-paste-promoting paper-towel-flinging race-baiting tax-evading evidence-destroying charity-defrauding money-laundering diaper-filling 88-count fluorescent tangerine felony factory, and the dimwitted dipshits who follow him think that’s just awesome.

there is no behavior too repugnant for Donny’s fans. they just love him harder for it.

cheat on your taxes? that’s just being a smart businessman.
steal state secrets? hey, they belonged to him.
defraud banks and the government? whatever it takes to win, man.
coerce a woman into a joyless sexual encounter? she’s a porn star. she had it coming to her.

finally, who uses “you remind me of my daughter” as part of their seductive banter?

ugh. what a piece of shit.

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