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I know I’m not supposed to care who has sex with who, but given the rank hypocrisy of these assholes, fuck them, lol at the whole thing.

A rising Republican star tipped by many to be Donald Trump‘s running mate should he win the presidential nomination has been involved in a clandestine affair for years, multiple sources tell DailyMail.com.

Married South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, 51 – who stresses her belief in ‘family values’ – and Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski, who is also married, began carrying on in 2019, if not before.

Now news of the relationship threatens to wreck Noem’s chances of joining Trump’s ticket in a potential rematch with President Joe Biden.

Neither denied the affair when asked by DailyMail.com. The Governor issued a statement attacking us for the timing of the article, while Lewandowski did not respond to a request for comment

However, after the initial publication of the article, Noem’s spokesman Ian Fury vehemently insisted the pair had never had an affair.

The two met up on Friday last week when Lewandowski traveled with Trump to Rapid City, South Dakota, for a campaign rally. But the pair – who were made aware of a pending story about their relationship – were careful to have no public interaction in contrast to previous occasions, as DailyMail.com’s exclusive photos show.

At the time she scornfully dismissed the story as ‘total garbage and a disgusting lie’, and said she loved her husband and was ‘proud of the God-fearing family’ they had raised, and the story quickly died.

But a DailyMail.com investigation has uncovered extensive evidence of the couple’s romantic relationship: Dozens of trips that mixed business with pleasure, flights on donors’ private planes, and stays at luxury resorts where their intimacy was observed and noted.

Former Trump operative Charles Johnson wrote in a Substack post that he had seen them acting ‘in a very flirtatious manner’ at the August 2020 meeting of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) at The Cloister resort on Sea Island, Georgia.

Johnson told DailyMail.com he had seen Noem discreetly take Lewandowski’s hand and put it in her lap. Lewandowski put his arm on her back at the same time.

The pair ‘seemed to be dating despite being married to other people’, Johnson wrote on Substack.

Two other sources who were at the RAGA event were surprised by the obvious affection between Noem and Lewandowski. 

Trump will probably name Noem his VP candidate because of this but you get your lolz these days when you can. And hey, I guess I can see why Pence won’t meet with her alone. Mother would get jealous!

….And should we speculate that it was Corey who wanted Noem to remake her face with plastic? It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

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