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“So who killed truth now anyway?”


Aw. According to a new book about The Rupert Murdoch, he likes not this news. Bring him some other news.

In winter 2022, at a hideaway in St Barts, Rupert Murdoch directed “sudden fury” at Donald Trump, who he thought would lose the 2024 Republican presidential primary to Ron DeSantis,

That’s not the funniest bit.

but who the media mogul also said was likely to cost him “fifty million dollars”, through a lawsuit regarding Trump’s lies about the 2020 election.

Oh well. He was off by a mere …

Hang on, I’m not that great at math.

Subtract 50 from 87.

$737.5 million. Hahahahaha. And that was the Dominion case. Smartmatic has also sued the network.

This is also a nice illustration of how responsibility works for white people in a white supremacist society unless they make an effort to break the pattern. dRupey helped install a white supremacist in the White House. It is not an exaggeration to say that was the culmination of his miserable life’s work. To keep Donald of the Diminutive Digits there his company spread lies about the 2020 election. So who does Murdoch blame for the $787.5 million he owes to a target of his lies? Someone else of course. It sure as hell isn’t his fault that his network that he still controls tells lies for fun and profit.

What’s less usual about this example is that Murdoch punched sideways rather than down.

And then there was the time Jerry Hall appeared to suggest that Rupe should arrange for tRump should have an unfortunate accident of an unfortunate and accidental nature.

According to Wolff, Hall said Murdoch should “do something” about Trump, only for a friend to say: “But he can’t. He’ll lose money.”

The friend forgot Rule 2 of dealing with Donald J Trump: Everyone Who Touches Trump Dies.

By the way, if the idea of being worried about losing some money when you have so much money that it reproduces faster than aphids and the only way you or your heirs for the next 20 generations might ever be within shooting distance of poor is if the planet exploded strikes you as absurd or obscene, congratulations. Not only are you not a shitty rich person, you haven’t spent significant time around any.

Murdoch’s reported prediction about DeSantis winning the Republican presidential nomination, “tak[ing] the evangelical vote in Iowa” because “it was going to come out about the abortions Trump had paid for”, now seems similarly off-beam.

That prediction was “off-beam” in 2015. But one of the weird quirks of white supremacist society is that it renders white people extremely reluctant to admit how extremely trash other white people can be.

Social myxomatosis is endlessly frustrating and extremely dangerous. But it creates some amusing spectacles. For example, a man who spent decades and made gajillions encouraging white people to be the very worst thinking that maybe the very worst have a scruple or two tucked behind their scabby little hearts.

Murdoch should know the great orange hope could lob grenades into maternity wards and they wouldn’t give a shit. However, fact has become inconvenient so he won’t see it.

Meanwhile, rational people know the reflexive response to “Famous guy paid for abortions” is to rally around the victim of conniving hussies. Same as it was for “Famous guy had sex out of wedlock and paid to hush it up” and “Famous guy is a raging sex predator.”

Also, any of Mr. Murdoch’s networks have been broadcasting the cash for abortions story, I can’t find it. Maybe he forgot.

Murdoch, Wolff writes, “seemed to have just gotten off the phone” and to be continuing a conversation or train of thought. Someone present called Trump’s claims about Dominion-made voting machines being used for electoral fraud “crazy”.

Wolff writes: “‘Trump is crazy, crazy, crazy,’ sighed Murdoch.”

Hall reportedly retorted: “You helped make him president.”

LOL. What if rich duds marry Hall thinking she’s just eye and arm candy but she’s really a non-stop shade generator? That would be a decent plot twist, for once.

“‘We have some idiots,’ said Murdoch, as though ruefully – but his meaning unclear.”

I doubt he knows himself.

People who post off-topic comments think Dominion and Smartmatic should pay Fox for all the free publicity.

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