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In so many words, yes


Broadway Joe let Zach Wilson have it with both barrels, and it’s pretty entertaining:

I’m also guessing that Mike Francesa made a heavy investment in the Jets over when they acquired Rodgers.

Anyway, the conventional wisdom here is correct. Zach Wilson is genuinely atrocious. A historic bust. Ryan Leaf/JaMarcus Russell/Josh Rosen bad. This is evident in the stats, and evident in the film as well. And whatever Saleh says in press conferences, it’s pretty clear from his game plans that he knows perfectly well that he blew a #2 overall pick on a guy who can’t play at all.

So why is he in the lineup — the sunk cost fallacy? At this point, I don’t think so — the problem is larger. The backup is Tim Boyle, literally a worse prospect than Christian Hackenberg, who has been even worse than Wilson in the NFL:

So why haven’t they reached outside the organization, given that they have a roster that could make the playoffs with minimally competent quarterbacking? Well, because this is grim as hell:

Wentz has been terrible since 2019 and is also by most accounts an uncoachable jackass, which is why he isn’t on a roster anywhere. Flacco and Ryan are cooked like Donald Trump’s filet mignon and aren’t going to be able to accomplish anything behind that o-line. If you sign LGM hero Chase Daniel at this point I think you just get a mannequin with a Surface glued on to one of the hands. Rosen, Mond, Perkins, Book, Etling, etc. — sure, bring one of these guys in if you want the answer to the question “what would Zach Wilson look like if he didn’t even know the playbook” (which admittedly I kind of do.)

Where Douglas and Saleh screwed up is by backing up a 40-year-old Rodgers with two completely unplayable backups, my guess not so much because they were deluded by the sunk cost fallacy as that they didn’t want to hurt his precious fee-fees. But look, you had already hired his brain-dead lickspittle as an OC and were willing to lard the WR room with a bunch of his washed-up cronies. Acquire Gardner Minshew or some other backup who can play at an NFL level, and tell Rodgers if he doesn’t like it he’s welcome to sit on the bench in Green Bay.

As for what they should do now, I guess I would try to pick the dog with the least fleas (Newton? McCoy? It’s rough.) Maybe see if you can get a marginal upgrade off someone’s roster (Tyrod Taylor? Mariota?) for a late-rounder. But no matter what this is definitely an “every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought” situation, the Jets will waste another year of a good latent core, and I’d be surprised if Saleh survives for Rodgers Year 2. Well, Jets fans, if you liked Adam Gase you’ll love Nathaniel Hackett and his new offensive coordinator Joe Rogan!

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