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When he sees his reflection, he’s fulfilled


This – I swear I’m not making this up — was written by 5CA authoritarian blowhard and carefully choreographed phony free speech martyr Kyle Duncan:

The most disturbing aspect of this shameful debacle is what it says about the state of legal education. Stanford is an elite law school. The protesters showed not the foggiest grasp of the basic concepts of legal discourse: That one must meet reason with reason, not power. That jeering contempt is the opposite of persuasion. That the law protects the speaker from the mob, not the mob from the speaker. Worst of all, Ms. Steinbach’s remarks made clear she is proud that Stanford students are being taught this is the way law should be.

If there’s anything that a judge nominated by Donald Trump cannot abide, it’s a person who puts sneering contempt and brute power ahead of reasoned persuasion!

They very next paragraph:

I have been criticized in the media for getting angry at the protesters. It’s true I called them “appalling idiots,” “bullies” and “hypocrites.” They are, and I won’t apologize for saying so. Sometimes anger is the proper response to vicious behavior.

That Supreme Court nomination where he can be “Sam Alito for people who think Sam Alito isn’t a big enough partisan hack and could stand to lose another 20 IQ points” must be closer than ever now.

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