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Authoritarianism: feature or bug?


Shorter verbatim Andrew Sullivan:

Similarly, DeSantis may be overreaching on the anti-woke stuff; and he comes off as gruff and stiff, with a bully’s affect. But in the broader context of a top-down cultural revolution from the woke left, his attempts at pushback are hardly the stuff of fascism. They’re almost poignant in their plain unconstitutionality. And it matters greatly that one of our political parties does not collude in the elevation of group rights over the individual, or place postmodern subjectivism over empiricism and science, or rely on emotional blackmail and coercion over discourse and compromise. We need a sane GOP. And DeSantis is not insane. If Biden falters, or if, God forbid, Harris takes over, he may be the only non-Trump option.

Fellas — is it fascist to violate the Constitution to punish your political enemies? OK. but what if I told you that this was done in the service of challenging WOKE? And when you think of Ron DeSantis, surely the first thing that comes to mind is “discourse and compromise?” After all, surely “emotional blackmail” is infinitely worse that “state coercion” could ever be!

Seeing DeSantis stans converge on the idea that state censorship is necessary to protect liberal values is amazing but also frightening stuff.

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