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Quite A Story From A Single Anonymous Source


Seymour Hersh published today, on his Substack, a long story about an involved plot by the United States to blow the Nordstream2 pipelines. No, I’m not going to link. It’s garbage.

Over the past few years Hersh has argued that Osama bin Laden was not responsible for 9/11, and that Bashar al-Assad is not responsible for gassing his people. His venues have gone from the New Yorker to the London Review of Books to Substack.

If you care to, you can find much longer refutations of Hersh’s story on Twitter. Stephen Pifer does a good job of summarizing, and I would add that that single source certainly had access to a remarkable set of people or was present at a remarkable range of meetings. In other words, Hersh did some notable journalism early in his career, but he’s been captured by retired military cranks. Or just one crank.

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