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Every accusation is a etc.


Here’s some information of actual potential interest while Matt Taibbi does 300-tweet TWITTER FILES threads about how hard it is to tell the difference between MAGA troll accounts and bot imitations of MAGA troll accounts, an issue which is extremely important because [loud buzzing noise]:

Spurred on by the so-called “Twitter Files,” the House Oversight Committee hearing on Twitter’s decision to temporarily block a 2020 New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop was supposed to show overwhelming proof that the social media giant was engaged in anti-conservative “censorship.”

Instead, former Twitter officials revealed on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump not only received preferential treatment for years, but he also directly requested the site remove tweets that he didn’t like. At the same time, they also noted that President Joe Biden hadn’t contacted Twitter to take down any tweets or censor content.

One tweet Trump especially wanted to be deleted: Supermodel and TV star Chrissy Teigen calling him a “pussy ass bitch” in 2019.

TL;DR: Trump directly demanded Twitter remove tweets even as they were changing the rules to accommodate him. Biden has not. I think we can see why Elon made sure that cherry-picked emails were leaked only to his most servile and partisan lickspittles!

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