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Florida man takes over research universities


FWIW I think DeSantis has essentially zero shot at the GOP nomination for a bunch of reasons, one of which is that this kind of thing isn’t actually going to play well outside the demographic hell hole that is the sunshine state. But it’s terrible enough on its own terms, especially since Trump will probably just copy the guy next to him’s homework, per his lifetime habit:


(1) Can’t spend any money on anything espousing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

(2) Right wing narrative regarding America’s founding is a required element of all core courses.

(3) Women’s Studies and Gender Studies majors will be illegal. No major is permitted if it’s found to be “derivative” of of Critical Race Theory.

(4) All faculty hiring will be done by the university board or president鈥攚ho *may not delegate* any aspect of any hiring decision or any hiring authority to any group of faculty however constituted. They are 鈥渘ot required to consider recommendations or opinions of faculty.” This is my personal favorite.

(5) Post-tenure review of any tenured faculty member can be initiated at any time.

Basically, the overall GOP strategy at the moment is to get the public to focus on the existence of Women’s Studies majors and that one trans woman swimmer more than on eliminating Social Security and Medicare.

DeSantis is just the most overt practitioner of this move. Again, I don’t think it’s going to work, either for him personally or for his party, but I’m an optimist like that.

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