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Chris Rufo’s dream come true


Some homeschoolers are taking DeSantisite education to its logical conclusion:

Ohio’s education department said it would investigate the apparent use of fascist materials by a home-schooling network after reports that the pro-Nazi group is run by a couple living in the state. The course materials denigrate the intelligence of African Americans and celebrate Adolf Hitler.

An official with the state’s education agency said the department is aware of the reports and “is actively reviewing compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.”

But there’s likely little the state can do because while the state mandates that certain topics be taught, it does not govern details of what home school can and cannot include.

Last week, the Anonymous Comrades Collective, a group of anti-fascism researchers, reported that an organization called Dissident Homeschool was distributing pro-Nazi curriculum via a Telegram channel that has more than 2,300 subscribers.

It’s where woke goes to die! And Republicans will be funneling more and more money to “schooling” like this where they can.

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