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Brown-Brown Alliance


Look who’s getting a full hour of fawning attention on Glenn Greenwald’s ThielTube video blog:

GG and MTG, as you can see, share many of the “populist” positions of Tucker Carlson National Socialism: imperialist right-wing dictators should be able to annex any territory of their personal choosing without resistance, the Republican Party establishment isn’t right-wing enough, the CIA and FBI should be more in the tank for the Republican Party, big tech should platform more Nazis and anti-vaxxers and deplatform anyone Andy Ngo or Cat Turd Two tells them to — the full panoply. A truly new and innovative brand of politics, “populism” that consists of nothing but idiotic culture war bullshit so all of the upper-class tax cuts and attacks on the welfare state MTG will robotically vote for can proceed. (Somehow I don’t think the fact that one of the concessions Glenn’s “populist” buddies got from McCarthy was a vote on replacing the progressive income tax with a 30% flat tax. So populist!)

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