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At the very least, kicking Iowa and its utterly undemocratic and poorly run caucus system out of the first presidential primary spot will have serious benefits for the nation. It will also have benefits for the candidates, as people can stop spending time in Iowa, pretending to like those gigantic pork cutlets on tiny buns that pass for cuisine in that state. If you want to amuse yourself a bit, you can read this article on people wondering what the point of Iowa is if not for caucuses.

“We’ve always joked, If Iowa doesn’t have the caucuses, are we Nebraska?” said Mike Draper, the owner of Ray Gun, a quirky T-shirt store in Des Moines frequently visited by candidates and their staffs.

Yes. Nebraska with more self-regard. It’s great.

Meanwhile, I mostly think the change is going to be a step in the right direction. But as Faiz Shakir points out, there’s no good reason to include South Carolina compared to the much more competitive and important North Carolina. I would prefer Georgia though, which has everything North Carolina does plus more. Of course South Carolina is a payoff to Jim Clyburn and the South Carolina Democratic machine that got Biden over the top in 2020. Not surprising, but I don’t think the state with the lowest unionization rate in the nation really should have that much to say about who gets the nomination.

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