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Epstein and the Dersh


An Epstein victim has testified under oath that she was coerced into sex with disgraced Kari Lake election theft attorney Alan Dershowitz:

Around that time, Ransome said she arrived at Epstein’s townhouse one day and found Epstein, Dershowitz, and an unnamed woman waiting for her. Ransome recalled that the woman took her upstairs and they began undressing each other as Epstein watched and masturbated. The two women were later joined in the bed by Dershowitz.

“A few minutes later [Dershowitz] walked in the room. He started undressing, he got on the bed with [the other woman] and myself, and we basically had a three-way sexual interaction,” Ransome said, detailing that “it wasn’t a pleasant experience.”

“I just tried to just get it done as soon as possible to get out of there,” she explained. Ransome characterized the encounter as “a coerced event” and “a traumatic experience.” She also recounted being “extremely upset” by the encounter, and trying to pay “particular attention” to the woman “because I didn’t want Alan touching me.”

Ransome testified that the encounter had taken her “by surprise,” because “I felt that I had been coerced beforehand, that it had been prior arranged to me arriving there.”

At this point in the deposition, Maxwell’s lawyer questioned Ransome on Dershowitz’s appearance, and specifically whether she saw evidence of a surgical procedure on his body. Ransom said she couldn’t remember. “Did you see him bleed through his penis?” Maxwell’s lawyer asked. Ransome replied, “Not that I recall.”

Ransome said she couldn’t provide much detail because “I wasn’t ravishing Alan’s body, I was trying to close my eyes and just get it done so I could go home and watch TV, really.” But she did describe him as “quite an elderly man, wore glasses, quite pasty, pasty-skinned… wrinkly.” She also said Dershowitz looked “not well, I assumed,” and like “he wasn’t a healthy person.”

“I didn’t willingly go, ‘Hey, Alan, let’s have some fun,’ because no one on the planet would say that to Alan,” Ransome said.

The details are certainly plausible! Anyway, seems like we could use another Chotiner interview to help clear things up.

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