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Cowboy Ben and the Douchetastic Ropers


First, Ben Shapiro looks like an absolute idiot dressed up like a cowboy.

But more to the point, the state of Tennessee welcoming The Daily Wire and all this fascism with not only open arms but with drooling mouths is beyond disgusting. The irony of this is that Nashville is a blue city, but flooded with right-wing tourists who think that the Florida-Georgia Line bar/restaurant/terrible music venue on Broadway is the peak of American culture. So it’s hard to know what to make of this attempt to turn Nashville into the Los Angeles for right-wing “entertainment.”

There’s a few things here. First, right-wing entertainment never catches on because it is terrible. It’s the right-wing version of Democrats trying to do talk radio. It’s just not in their culture. They can’t do it in a way that will succeed. There’s a limited market for Greg Gutfield Comedian, as Fox found out real fast. Second, while mainstream douche country remains quite popular, the audience is also pretty limited and not growing. Third, the entire country underground–which is actively opposed to this shit and has some pretty major players in Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and others–is also based in Nashville. But I guess maybe they can make Nashville the center of blasting out bad culture that will appeal only to Marjorie Taylor Greene stans and that will be all that matters here. However, given that Nashville is a major destination for people moving to urban centers, it’s unlikely that this will be successful in terms of an urban politics level. Of course, it’s a long time before Tennessee can become Georgia and its present “governance” is damned determined to never see that happen.

In conclusion, Ben Shapiro looks like an absolute idiot dressed up as a cowboy.

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