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Nightclub owner claims business is up since he set the nightclub on fire

That would have been “Hate speech impersonations decreased as of Nov. 13 compared to October of last year.” An obvious error – everyone knows they aren’t impersonators.

Today’s challenge – find the fact checking.

Twitter Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk says new user signups … were averaging over two million per day in the last seven days as of Nov. 16, up 66% compared to the same week in 2021, Musk said in a tweet late on Saturday.

Psyche. National outlets and wire services don’t want to fact check reality-averse right wing blowhards. Squirmy little bootlickers never contradict the owners of the boots they love to tongue polish.

Even when the boot owner’s behavior brings to mind the phrase coke-fueled blathering.

Musk’s “Twitter 2.0 The Everything App” will have features like encrypted direct messages (DMs), longform tweets and payments, according to the tweet.

This guy can’t stop shitting up the verified account system that was in place when he purchased the company. There’s absolutely no good reason broadcast his next cunning plan – unless it is to make fun of it, and “The Everything App” lies down on the floor and begs for an endless Nelson Muntz loop. “What if we do everything?” is the sort of thing that could only come out of the mind – so to speak – of a boss who hasn’t the smallest clue about what they’re doing, but is too far up their ass to realize their lack of clue-i-tude.

Speaking of which, it would be just like Um Knoels to take the micro out of a microblogging site because threads interfere with his ability to blast his brainfarts right into Twitter.

In another tweet early on Sunday, Musk said he sees a “path to Twitter exceeding a billion monthly users in 12 to 18 months.”

Hahahahaha. That path is lined with a white powdery substance.

Meanwhile, the dumpster fire is starting to melt the sides of the bin.

Twitter searches for the widespread Covid-19-related protests in China are returning a flood of spam, pornography and gibberish that some disinformation researchers say at first glance appear to be a deliberate attempt by the Chinese government or its allies to drown out images of the demonstrations.

But hey, new users?

People who post off-topic comments think Twitter’s CEO is the greatest genius of the age.

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