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Why do all these Nazis keep supporting my campaign?


The MAGA crank who defeated Jaime Herrera Beutler for the Republican nomination in WA-3 is exactly what you’d expect:

Despite disavowing White nationalism last spring when one of its adherents endorsed him, a US House candidate in Washington subsequently gave a previously unreported interview in June to a Nazi sympathizer and White nationalist.

While Republican Joe Kent touted his support for prominent far-right figures like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green and Paul Gosar and supported MAGA policies, he was speaking with Greyson Arnold, a Nazi sympathizer.

Kent’s exchange with Arnold is all the more notable because just weeks later Kent’s campaign worked to distance him from Arnold after photos surfaced of the pair together. A Kent campaign strategist told the Associated Press in July that the campaign did not do background checks on those who took selfies with the candidate.

Arnold has a well-documented history of making White nationalist, racist, antisemitic and pro-Nazi statements, including once calling Adolf Hitler “a complicated historical figure which many people misunderstand.”

Is he anti-vaxx? Is Tom Brady going to the Hall of Fame?

Kent, who has called COVID a scam and opposed vaccines, recently called for Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief medical adviser, to be charged with murder.

At Tuesday’s debate, in a response that drew both guffaws and applause from the crowd, he again called for Fauci to be “held accountable,” accusing him of funding “the people who cooked up COVID.”

The COVID vaccines, which have proved hugely effective in reducing hospitalization and death from the virus, are “not a vaccine,” Kent said, but “an experimental gene therapy.”

“Does anyone feel like they just spent a month on YouTube?” Gluesenkamp Perez responded. “That’s what we’re signing up for with Joe, he thinks he can raise a lot of money saying stuff like this, and maybe he is, but it is doing nothing to heal our country.”

If you’re wondering, Trump carried the district by points in 2020, so Kent is probably safe, at least this cycle. Not great!

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