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Shot #4


Got my second booster and fourth overall shot today. Got my flu shot too. Looking forward to a sore arm.

This is why I am living my life. I do get that there are some people at higher risk. People can make the choices they want to make.

Me, I got the shot because I want to go to rock shows and be in clubs surrounded by 500 other people hearing a great band.

At this point, I really don’t care whether someone gets the shot or not–you should, but if you are too dumb to do so, it’s not my problem.

I do think there are a couple of points that need to be discussed in the late pandemic, which really is more endemic. The first is that it is fact moving toward being endemic. My wife got an email from a colleague the other day about having lunch when the pandemic is over. I laughed about this because the idea that Covid is ever going away is totally delusional. It is simply part of global biology at this point.

Given that fact, the second point is this: at what point do you make the choice to return to society. For 99 percent of Americans, they have already done this. Of course, 40 percent or so of them never got even a second shot and many of those never got a first, so they were lost causes. A number of them are now dead due to their own stupidity. But either way, most other people have already made this choice. The reason it is worth asking this question of people is that there are two basic communities who still haven’t done this and I interact with them both. The first is professors, the highest anxiety group of people in the world. The second is the terminally online.

To me, at some point life has to be worth living and enjoying. If fear is the dominant feature of our lives, why even bother continuing? Yes, I might get Covid despite my 4 shots and whatever boosters I get in the future, which will be all available. Maybe that leads to long Covid and I have a shitty year. That would suck. I do get that the immunocompromised are out there and they need extra precautions, but we have never shut down our society for small numbers of sick people before and we aren’t going to do so in the future. But for the vast majority of people getting the boosters, your life is fine. It will remain fine. You know how it is not fine? If your basic position regarding the future in fear. That is bad. I’ll take my chances with the virus.

So get the booster and go live your life. See you at the brewery and the rock show.

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