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Chew up on the bumper, baby

Unsplash – Shiny Republican chew toy.

When I watch Republicans lurching back and forth trying to find a position on abortion that will allow them to maintain or increase their clammy grip on the levers of power, I occasionally find myself wondering if the sound and fury might signify some underlying strategy.

Then I remember a lesson I learned from spending time around practicing alcoholics. Sometimes they can screw things up so badly that even they can’t ignore the problem, and then chaotic dumbshit would ensue. The lesson I learned is the chaotic dumbshit cannot, will not, and should not make sense to any person who doesn’t think chaotic dumbshit is the solution to life’s problems.

And speaking of obnoxious drunks, that’s where we are with the latest GOP staggery courtesy of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Burbon).

Does it make sense politically? To make a hollow laughing, be serious.

Despite Chris Cillizza’s attempt to Cillizza up a strategy behind Graham’s move, this is a bill that will piss off the maximum number of people and enthuse no one.

Except chin stroking pundits – paid and unpaid – who will waste ink and clog up the ether with dribble about whether 15 weeks is fair and blah, blah, blah something something France, and probably still squirt a few “How can Democrats attract pro-life voters?” pieces. But even if they do vote, there aren’t enough of them to matter. Thank Christ.

A national ban even spikes the votes of the mythical woman who is rich enough that she just cares about tax breaks, can afford to travel to another state for an abortion, but also wouldn’t mind being forced to travel to another state for an abortion.

Morally? The party’s internal morality has said for years that life either begins at conception or when a fetal heartbeat is detectable. Too bad they don’t fight, though I can hope. But to those both groups 15 weeks is insulting RINO bullshit that will allow countless girls and women to escape the appropriate penalty for being born with ovaries and a uterus.

External morality says the pack of perverts should have minded their own fucking business in the first place, but instead they are trying to make everything worse.

People who post OT comments don’t know that Grace Jones is awesome.

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