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LGM Film Club, Part 291: Breathless

FILE – Film director Jean-Luc Godard smokes at Cannes festival, France on May 25, 1982. Director Jean-Luc Godard, an icon of French New Wave film who revolutionized popular 1960s cinema, has died, according to French media. He was 91. Born into a wealthy French-Swiss family on Dec. 3, 1930, in Paris, the ingenious “enfant terrible” stood for years as one of the world’s most vital and provocative directors in Europe and beyond — beginning in 1960 with his debut feature “Breathless.” (AP Photo/Jean-Jacques Levy, File)

As I’ve stated before, I am not a big Jean-Luc Godard fan and I think many of his films are just not very good, especially after about 1975. But one cannot question his revolutionary importance to film in the 1960s. Some probably would have called him the greatest living director up to the point of his death yesterday, though I’d go with Scorsese and maybe Almodovar over him. Even Breathless, I find to be more good than great. But it is an entertaining flick and let’s make it the subject of tonight’s film club thread.

In any case, Godard’s passing is an important moment to reflect upon film history and we should consider this an open thread on Godard generally. Here’s a clip of Breathless to get us started.

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