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You’re not in North Jersey anymore


Mehmet Oz is an almost hypnotically bad candidate:

It’s not just that he’s a smarmy rich guy who doesn’t live in the state he’s running in and has apparently never done his own grocery shopping before. Plenty of people meeting a description like this have mounted successful electoral campaigns. It’s that there was nobody on his staff to tell him that there is no such store as “Wegners,” or that people use a basket or cart while they’re shopping, or that nobody serves salsa with a raw vegetable plate. Also, this seems like communist Michelle Obama food, and as Antonin Scalia has observed having to eat broccoli is the worst possible consequence of tyrannical government.

I can understand why Trump gave him the nomination — he was on Oprah a lot. I can’t understand why he wanted to do this. But it’s certainly a major gift to the Democratic Party.

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