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Preparing For The Civil War


It’s been clear at least since Trump’s march to the church, where he held a Bible upside down, that the US military is not about to join a civil war on the side of the Trumpies. Having the military on one’s side, or being willing not to intervene, is an essential factor in a civil war. So scratch that.

Now the Trumpies are opening another front: attacking the FBI. Law enforcement is another part of society that one might want to have on one’s side in the civil war, but the Trumpies are strong.

Ricky Schiffer appears to have exhorted his fellows to attack the FBI and was willing to lead the charge. He was shot by law enforcement, which sounds like the police rather than the FBI. Various national political figures, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, have called for the FBI to be defunded. The FBI and DHS are on alert:

More urging from The Big Man:

Not clear if this was one of the faithful.

There are reports of people with guns outside FBI offices. I’m not sure how widespread this is.

They are a minority. After a few deaths and arrests, they may question the wisdom of mounting a civil war all by themselves.

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