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Inventing libs to be mad at


Um…what the hell is this?

I suppose not a lot needs to be added to Eric’s response, but:

1)Liberals like Fetterman. They mostly like him a whole lot. I didn’t follow the PA primary closely — it was long obvious Fetterman was going to win and that seemed fine to me — but since the general started I have heard nary a negative word from any faction of the party about him.

2)Praising Liz Cheney on the narrow question of her position on “whether Trump should have been made dictator for life in 2021” does not mean one “loves” Liz Cheney, let alone that one prefers her to any Democratic candidate. Literally no liberals meet the description he applies to liberals as a class, and Haselby provides not even a single anecdotal example in any follow up tweet. This is hard to understand only if you’re very determined not to understand it.

I non-eagerly await the inevitable pivot from “nyuk, nyuk, liberals love Liz Cheney and want to marry her” to “nyuk, nyuk, dumb liberal whine moms think the Orange Man Is Bad.”

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