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Dubya’s nutcracker has a nutty idea

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To the surprise of nobody except Republicans, Republicans are stumbling, arms waving and making “Whoa! Whoa!” noises into the not-helpful-attempts-to-help phase of their response to the FBI’s document retrieval run to Mar-a-Lago.

Consider this novel idea from John “baby ball breaker” Yoo – who used to be what passed for smart among Republicans: Release the documents to the public and let people decide if the contents were a big deal.

Members of the celestial writers guild must be on strike.

Why not declassify the documents that they took from President Trump and show the public what they were.

Hmm. Yeah. As my oldest friend would say “Why not shit and fall back in it?”

Not only is this full-bore bonkers on its face, but Team tRump has been insisting that he waved his magic declassifying wand over all the documents he took. Whoops. I guess even pro-torture ghouls find it hard to keep all of their bullshit straight.

Wait, before I continue:

I heard everything was taken to the National Security Agency. It sure would be a shame if Right Thinking Real Americans were to force their way in and liberate those documents from the foul clutches of the Biden-Harris Deep State! This humorless feminazi P.C. police woke liberal sure would hate that.

Anyway, like every Republican, having started with a bad idea, he had to keep going:

If the government really feels that this was a national security threat for President Trump to have these documents, then let’s see them in a sanitized form.

Republican lolgic: The government should release documents that might be a national security threat until the documents demonstrate they’re dangerous. But it is OK for the government to drop people who might conceivably be dangerous – or know someone who is dangerous into oubliettes, or to torture them.

I assume he added that the documents should be sanitized before release because suggesting that the government release thousands of unredacted classified files was too fucking loony, even for someone involved in Dubya’s clusterfucks. But removing or redacting sensitive information defeats the purpose of his supposed solution, which is to let the people decide whether the coral canker sore should have had the documents in the first place.

No matter, it was time for the big finish!

And if they really aren’t that dangerous, then maybe President Trump really has a good point.”

He didn’t entertain the idea that they might be dangerous or what should happen if they are. I guess that would have contradicted his assertion that there’s nothing for the FBI or anyone to do now that they have the documents back.

We’ll see if “Release the classified files that were actually declassified” catches on with the rest of the Republicans. Frankly, I think it is too sophisticated for the average party member. Although the idea that Biden is hiding things they have a right to see and they’re smart enough to determine whether classified documents pose a security threat, might penetrate the dense layers of resentment and hate.

More likely it will prompt the FuPOTUS will announce that he has copies of everything and will share them with anyone who donates $4,500 to his PAC. Russia, if you’re listening …

I will ease off my OT comment moratorium because it is the last weekend of August, but if you quote a story, post the damn link.

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