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“Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.”


In absence of confirmation – or even some juicy rumors – that the FBI pulled a live boy, a dead girl and a comatose manatee out of tRump’s private safe, and after multiple indicators that the FBI seized classified documents from someone who should not have had them, members of Team End Stage Contrarian Brain on Twitter and other hives of scum and villainy are concluding that it was no big deal.

“It” is either the reason for seizure or the seizure itself or perhaps both? Team ESCB isn’t so great with the clear definitions because clarity and contrarianism just don’t mix.

At any rate, my reflex response was: These people are high off the fluff in their ass cracks.

The fact that the squamous orange creature was ever in a position to get its paws on classified documents in the first place was and remains a rather large problem. If it took those documents after it was no longer allowed to have them, wandered around with them, was able to show them to anyone it wanted to impress, sell them to the highest bidders, leave them lying around, flush them down the toilet and refused to return them, that certainly was a BD. As was the fact that the FBI had to go to the trouble of retrieving them.

The suggestion that it could be NBD is almost too pathetic to be laughable.


It could be that Team ESCB means that it won’t be enough to end the devotion of That Fascist Goiter’s supporters. But that also goes in the almost too pathetic for a chuckle column:

A. There is n o t h i n g that could fit into a safe of any dimensions – or yes, even a bag of endless holding, you big beauteous nerds – that will end their devotion. This is something reasonable people figured out ages ago, but awful white person redemption arc = a drug more powerful than cocaine.

B. The insistence that everyone remain focused on the thoughts and motives of anti-democratic bigots is unseemly, bizarre, and if not evidence of bigotry, certainly flashes a bias or two. Plus, I maintain that it should be possible to discuss current events without some Mx. Gotcha popping up like a mynah bird from Hell and cawing “You say you want to live in a free and safe society, yet you want things that will make the MAGAs angry.”

I assume that in addition to the ass fluff high, the members of Team ESCB are just striking their usual “If a Democrat is doing it they must be doing it wrong” pose. But for the sake of keeping the Argument Clinic in business let’s say that Team ESCB is right: It was NBD if the reason for the FBI raid was simply to seize classified documents. In that case, are there any circumstances that might fit their definition of a big deal?

That will be £1 please.

That’s it. Good morning!

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