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The libertarians!


It’s fairly well known that a certain type of libertarian dude is also the most enthusiastic supporter of the most arbitrary state violence, but this Hanania dude is on a whole other level:

Randomly picking out a few people to be killed, some of them victims of long-term abuse and some of whom may not have actually killed anybody — truly America at its best! From Donald Trump, America’s moral conscience.

Speaking of “libertarians” supporting the most intrusive and arbitrary state violence so long as it’s directed at the right kind of person, look who’s hopped on to the “durr, abortion is more heavily regulated in France than Mississippi, durr” clown car:

Until fairly recently this guy had one of the more prestigious jobs in American legal academia, and he can’t even be bothered to do a simple Google search if a brain-dead Republican talking point allows you to own the Eurolibs.

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