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Freedom’s just another word for where exactly is Milwaukee again?


Former President Donald Trump and a host of Republican personalities have canceled their scheduled appearances Friday in Greensboro.

News of the cancellation comes as Axios reports Trump, his son, Donald Trump Jr., and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, have been scheduled to testify under oath Friday in an investigation into Trump’s finances.

The American Freedom Tour had announced in May appearances in Greensboro by Trump, Trump Jr., television news personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, former New York state judge Jeanine Pirro, Pinal County (Arizona) Sheriff Mark Lamb and political commentator Dinesh D’Souza.

The American Freedom Tour did not publicize that the event would no longer take place Friday, but quietly removed it from its website. Tickets for the event initially sold for $9 to $3,955.

The News & Observer requested further information and received a generic response.

“We are very sorry that due to unforeseen circumstances we are rescheduling the American Freedom Tour stop in Greensboro, NC,” an emailed reply stated. “Your ticket may be used at any American Freedom Tour event in America.”

The only event currently scheduled on the organization’s website is on Aug. 20 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

<Hotel room, Memphis, Tennessee>
David: I miss you too, darling...uhm, not too well, actually...well, we've
       got some cancellations, that's all, we got to Memphis, and there is no
       gig in Memphis and we found out that this, this promotor in the 
       Mid-West uhh has pulled out St. Louis, and Kansas City, and uh...oh
       Des Moines...I don't know, it's in Indiana or something...
       I thought...oh don't tease me, that's not until April, great! 
       We'll do it, oh good, oh, fucking great...Milwaukee...Milwaukee, 
       Wisconsin...I've no idea, you might have to take the plane to
       New York, and then get, and then go to, uh, to Milwaukee from there
       ...oh, good I love you too...okay, bye...
       Ah, well, my problems are solved, mate!

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