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Can’t let go


I don’t even think you can call this stuff “clickbait” anymore:

There can’t be any actual audience for these takes, can there? Cillizza just yearns for the 2016 election cycle to come back like a former star high school QB with a failing aluminum siding business wishes he was still throwing touchdowns for ol’ Buddy Garrity High.

For the true sickos out there, I will inform you of the places outside of Cillizza’s troubled imagination where the “whispers” are coming from:

  • “conservative writer John Ellis”
  • “Writing in The Hill newspaper, Democratic pundit Juan Williams makes the case that Clinton should become a major figure on the campaign trail this year.”

So two people, one of them Juan Frickin’ Williams…who doesn’t even say Clinton should run for president. My God, man, show some dignity.

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