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Ron DeSantis’s thuggish war on the First Amendment continues


This is, frankly, the most out of control I’ve ever seen Campus PC get:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blocked state funding for a new Tampa Bay Rays training facility partly because the baseball team spoke out against gun violence in the wake of back-to-back gun-related massacres in Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, a source familiar with the internal conversations told CNN.DeSantis on Thursday used his line-item veto powers to eliminate $35 million for a sports training and youth tournament complex in Pasco County, in the Tampa Bay area, which local officials hoped could serve as the new player development facility for the Rays. On Friday, he said he eliminated the funding because “I don’t support giving taxpayer dollars to professional sports stadiums.”But a source said the Republican leader had not made up his mind until the Rays took an organizational stance calling for action in the wake of the latest mass shootings.

Two days after a gunman killed 19 children and two adults at a Texas elementary school, the Rays announced a $50,000 donation to Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization that advocates policies to prevent gun violence. The Major League Baseball team also tweeted a statement calling for action.

The fact that DeSantis felt the need to punish a business for making a mild pro-gun control statement that had no chance of influencing public policy in Florida is really striking, but that’s the logic of MAGA.

At least the nation’s self-appointed free speech warriors, like Bari Weiss, are finally focused on the free speech threats posed by actual state officials:

There is no more reliable cliché in the news business than “if it bleeds it leads.” But the rule of thumb that was just as dependable, if not quite as catchy, in the years I spent at legacy newspapers is this one: campus craziness sells. It sold to readers of The Wall Street Journal just as reliably as it did to readers of The New York Times. If conservatives and progressives can unite over anything it’s that neither can resist hate-reading a story about Oberlin kids protesting the cultural appropriation of dining hall banh mi

The dumbest campus pc article ever written came out in 2015, and these goobers are still pretending to be outraged by Oberlin students politely telling a student reporter that maybe ham and swiss on white bread shouldn’t be called a “Reuben.” After all, as Bari tells us, focusing on this sub-trivial nonsense where the money is.

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