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Have you seen how they were lobbying? How can you delude yourself


With Roe now officially dead and open season having been declared on American women, it’s time for another round of “so now are Republicans going to embrace social democracy to be consistent with the Ethic of Life which is totally the reason they want to ban abortion?” thumb-suckers, emphasis on “sucker”:

At this point, you have to wonder if American pro-lifers who actually believe in an expanded welfare state are trying to convince other people or convince themselves that yellow is orange. Perhaps they can discuss this when they hold their annual meeting in a walk-in closet in an 800 sq. ft apartment in Tribeca later this year.

Anyway, in the actually existing states where pro-lifers exercise large influence on the government, the state’s offer to parents and children is this: nothing.

At this point, there is only one appropriate response to “now Republicans are going to become the Party of Moms!” fever dreams:

All future columns of this ilk should feature oral renditions in a “Peggy Noonan after her fourth Bloody Mary” voice. Laughter, as Charles Black reminds us, is the sovereign prerogative of the philosopher.

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