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Never Gonna Change


With Roe about to be overruled, their will be a cottage industry trying to prop up the old “reformicon” con. The bait is more “friendly family” policies; the switch is carry the pregnancy to term no matter what and then fuck you, you’re on you’re own.

Take it from me, you’re never gonna take it from them:

The United States in general ranks poorly on a number of measures related to maternal support and outcomes, and a state-by-state breakdown offers a look at the varied experience of having and raising a child in this country. While child care tends to be more affordable in states with trigger laws, the rates of uninsured women and maternal deaths are among the highest in the country; no state with a trigger law or pre-Roe ban has legislation in place to guarantee paid leave, which helps women recover from giving birth without losing income.


Most states with trigger laws contain a high percentage of women who do not have private or public health insurance. Meanwhile, childbirth costs vary by area, but are typically more than $10,000 for a vaginal delivery. As of 2021, 26.3 percent of women ages 19 to 44 in Texas had no insurance coverage.


Maternal mortality has been on the rise in the United States, with Black women dying at nearly three times the rate as White women in 2020. The number of deaths of pregnant and new mothers in trigger states are among the highest.

If any of the anti-reproductive-freedom states wanted to enact “pro-family” policies, it would have already happened. Parents will be struck eating the culture war buzzword du jour.

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