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The Dumbest Man in the Senate


And you thought it was Ron Johnson. Nope. Not even close.

Tuberville spoke on the supply chain breakdown, claiming the lack of available truck drivers was primarily due to vaccine mandates. He further claimed there were over 100,000 available trucking jobs in the U.S. 

“A lot of them are quitting because of vaccine mandates,” Tuberville said. “I hope it doesn’t get out of hand, but we’ve got truckers coming to D.C. I wouldn’t care if they shut down the government for about eight months until November because we’re in the minority right now. They do not want people telling them they got to take a shot, and I don’t blame them because you own your own body. It’s going to be a tough time for the next year if we don’t get the vaccine mandates under control, the mask mandates under control, our supply chain under control, and get people back to work.”

Tuberville talked about his success in blocking “bad fiscal policies” by the Biden administration, blocking the expansion of the IRS, and blocking the growth of unemployment benefits. 

Tuberville discussed the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine. He claims that a large part of Vladimir Putin’s desire for further annexation of Ukrainian land is due to the amount of farmland in Ukraine.

“He can’t feed his people,” Tuberville said. “It’s a communist country, so he can’t feed his people, so they need more farmland.”

Tuberville says that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has personally told him that Ukraine does not require “boots on the ground,” only that they need weapons and supplies. 


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