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4 games, 13 seconds

  • Bills/Chiefs was probably the best football game I have ever seen. This weekend’s divisional slate was certainly the best weekend of football I have ever seen. (It’s kinda wild that Tom Brady came all the way back from 27-3 down, had the other team get a quick strike FG to win, and virtually nobody would argue it was the best game on the day’s slate.)
  • This is not an excuse for the Bills — even against the Chiefs you should be able to keep a team out of FG range given 13 seconds to work with — but in the playoffs both teams really should have a shot in OT.
  • I’m tempted to say the Bills should have squibbed the last regulation kickoff, but between the threat of a Hill return and the shorter field that would have given KC I dunno.
  • I have always known Josh Allen was going to be this good. No need to double-check the archives to make sure, just trust me.
  • Seriously, Josh Allen’s development is something I’ve never seen before in professional sports. Given his performance at Wyoming, if he had turned into a mediocre NFL starter it would have him an unprecedented historical outlier. If you had told me that he would turn out to be good, I would have assumed it would have been as a Donovan McNabb type who had enough big plays to overcome the fact that he never really had a refined short or intermediate passing game. But, nope, he’s just a flat-out great QB. After a perfect game against Belichick he went toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes at the top of his game and lost only because KC had the ball last. It’s really an incredible story and have to give the Bills enormous credit for both seeing it and helping to make it happen.
  • This will be Andy Reid’s ninth conference championship game. Clearly the second-best coach of his generation, no?
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