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Republicans Again Prepare To Hold Us All Hostage


We’re coming up to the middle of December, and the government is running out of money.

The United States has an absurd piece of legislation, left over from World War I, that limits the amount of money the federal government can borrow. The legislation, amended many times now, has a number for that limit. We are once again approaching that number.

Newt Gingrich used this absurd piece of legislation in his development of ingenious ways to keep the government from governing. His tactic of threatening to shut the government down by refusing to increase the limit has continued via Mitch McConnell and others. The government will run out of money sometime next week. This time they’re going to demand an end to vaccine mandates in return for releasing the hostages.

The debt ceiling should be abolished. I don’t know all the current ins and outs of who’s for it and who’s playing destructive games on the Democratic side, but I do know firsthand the damage those games do.

Loren DeJonge Schulman has done the public service this morning of documenting that damage in a long Twitter thread. We have to end this lever that Republicans have to do more damage to the country. Some selections from that thread.

And there’s a lot more like that.

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