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LOL, as the kids say:

Since Aaron Rodgers returned to the field after testing positive for Covid-19, having sat out 10 days because he was unvaccinated, the star Green Bay Packers quarterback has been dealing with a mysterious and painful toe injury. 

After previously describing it in vague terms as a “Covid injury,” Rodgers confirmed what dermatologists had previously suspected. 

“No lingering effects, other than the Covid Toe,” Rodgers said Tuesday on the Pat McAfee show. 

Covid Toe is a casual name for something medically known as pernio or chilblains, which is a condition that causes symptoms such as discoloration and lesions. It can be extremely painful and turn the toes purple. 

Rodgers elaborated on it more Tuesday, saying on the sports talk show that while he was in a great deal of pain, sitting out games isn’t an option. He also indicated that the issue is primarily with his fifth, or pinkie, toe. 

“I have an injury that’s not going away,” he said. 

The condition can be so painful that some patients report difficulty wearing shoes. But throwing on a pair of cleats isn’t the only impediment between Rodgers and comfortably playing quarterback. It’s also the time of year and the location of his NFL franchise. 

One of the most critical factors that can exacerbate Covid Toe is cold weather. Rodgers happens to play for a team in Green Bay, Wis., where temperatures are expected to dip below 20 degrees this week. He already had to play through snow with the toe injury during the game against the Seahawks. 

In most cases, Freeman says, the lesions will resolve on their own. While she couldn’t speak to Rodgers or his condition specifically, she generally recommends that patients keep their core and extremities warm to prevent flare-ups. Beyond that, she advises consulting board-certified dermatologists for treatment. 

“The best way to avoid Covid Toes is to get vaccinated,” Freeman said. 

The thing I love about the Rodgers story is that it blows up the narrative that is SUCH AN INTERESTING MAN!!! Ooooh, he’s dating an actress, oooh, he hosted Jeopardy. Turns out he’s just another dumbass jock. And one who is hurting his team in a profound way. The NFC North is bad enough that it may not matter, but this probably did contribute to the Packers defeat to the Vikings, not to mention the game they lost when he was out.

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