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The Russian ASAT


Some thoughts at 1945 about the Russian anti-satellite test:

Why did Russia engage in such an irresponsible test? It’s not entirely clear. Russia denied that the ISS was in any peril, and accused the United States of overhyping the dangers of collision. The Russians also argued that the formation of the US Space Force (USSF) means that the United States has little interest in any kind of multilateral restrictions on space weaponry. The test may be connected to tensions between the United States and Russia over Ukraine, which have been growing for some time. It may in part have been an effort to get the attention of the Biden administration and make clear that Russia is taking events in Ukraine seriously. And to be sure, if Moscow is willing to risk war over a settlement to the Ukraine issue then the anti-satellite test is the least of our problems.  At the same time, however, destroying a satellite and interfering with the peaceful, multilateral use of space is a terrible way of conveying one’s displeasure about terrestrial affairs.

Time will tell, but it’s some ugly shit.

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