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No, fuck you


It’s tie to shut down all British dudes named “Piers” until we can figure out what the hell is going on:

Yes, the “new ideology” of compulsory vaccination, which has only been around in what is now Germany for [checks notes] 147 years.

Anyway, this is in fact a great illustration of why German policy is so good. It should, in fact, be nihilists who refuse to get vaccinated who don’t enjoy the amenities of society, rather than people who are responsible. Pretending to be heroic because you think you deserve all of the benefits of society while refusing the responsibilities is laughable.

And, of course, anti-vaxx-mandate arguments are ultimately just anti-vaxx arguments:

Stick it to BIG PHARMA by getting extremely expensive treatment rather than a low-margin free vaccine! I am not a crackpot.

…some instructive background via wjts.

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