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I taunt in John Mara’s general direction


In tonight’s Monday Night Football game, the Bears sacked Ben Roethlisberger on 3rd down late in the fourth quarter down 3 points. The guy who made the sack looked vaguely at the Steelers sideline. Then this happened:

Bad calls are part of the game, but refs who make bad calls because they want to be the center of attention are the absolute worst. The call wasn’t ultimately the reason the Bears lost — they came back to get the lead and then their confused, poorly coached defense let the Steelers march right back down the field — but that’s just Corrente getting lucky. It’s dismayingly likely that a playoff game will turn on this idiotic rule poorly applied.

This was all inevitable when the league decided to make a “point of emphasis” about over-calling this stupid rule, and personally if I were John Mara I’d spend less time on this and more on the fact that my team goes 4-12 every year.

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