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I have a column at 1945 that mostly echoes what Cheryl said about Chinese hypersonics…

The test has been met by much confusion in the mainstream media, which finds the idea of a new technology that can carry nuclear weapons to the United States terribly alarming. The fact that China has long deployed ICBMs that can strike the United States has been lost in many of these discussions. As is often the case with new technological developments, some things have changed.  More things have remained the same.

This stuff rarely finds its way onto CNN and when it does, it’s treated very, very stupidly. I’ve watched some folks who are very smart on missile stuff struggle to make their points to anchors who literally don’t understand any of the underlying strategic or technical realities. Unfortunately this plays into the hands of the Fox News crowd, who deal with all of this by simply turning up the heat on both China and Biden.

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